Monday, September 15, 2014

Dice Census

This weekend was a "end of summer" cleanup at my house. Gathered a few dice here and there that had gotten separated from the main "dice tribe". Last night I decided to count them all.

261 dice.

d6's were in the clear majority, no doubt from my years of playing GURPS.

There were also a surprising number of Fudge dice. They were colored, so I'm thinking that there's another packet somewhere with about 20 white dF. It could be that I gave those away years ago, however.

The d10 was also in abundance, perhaps due to the fact that each "set" comes with 2d10. I had also purchased some matching "d10 only" sets back when I was writing/playing Dekahedron.

The dice have clearly outgrown their current pouch, and I need a new storage technique. Maybe a box. Maybe a better solution would be to down-size, but what do you do with used dice?

What about you? How many dice do you have, and how do you store them?


  1. I'd love to see a picture of your 261 dice.

    1. There you go, Buzz.

      Found 9 more, so that's 270 dice.