Monday, May 7, 2012

Who am I?

I was joining Trollhalla a few months ago and, as he does with everyone, Ken St Andre asked me to post an "introductory poem."  I thought that I would repost it here, so you know a little more about the dude writing this blog.

I am Snowgen, so you know,
Who faced Dungeons and Dragons long ago,

I crossed the land and crossed the sea
Seeking more Adventures in Fantasy.

I soared in the skies on silver wings,
And stumbled upon Top Secret things.

I was a Traveller brave and bold,
And conquered the Star Frontiers of old.

With companions brave I huddled and curled
On a cold, desolate Gamma World.

I've seen many Powers & Perils, and suffered damnation
After I vanquished the foul Lords of Creation.

I’ve slain the menace that lies in the east--
Making sounds of slurps and GURPS--oh the beast!

I've suffered injury, illness, and Paranoia. Don't judge!
All those problems were cured by magical Fudge!

I have dined with Grimtooth, in his home,
Made him scribble my name in his tome.

I wandered the heavens on a Star Trek.
Killed a troll with Big Eyes, Small Mouth, and no neck.

I am Snowgen, so you know,
Facing Tunnels and Trolls from long ago.

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